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Mastodon Guide

Hello, and welcome to the Mastodon Guide (or MastoGuide or MG for short).

This guide started as a documentation effort for my danish Mastodon server, but quickly grew into covering a lot more broad topics than anticipated, well beyond topics specific to my server.

I'm a huge fan of Open Source, so I decided to extract all the generic content, guides, and tips and tricks into this stand-alone project you're looking at now. You can find the source code on GitHub if you are curious or would like to contribute.

My goal is to provide a high-quality resource for everything Mastodon and transition the project from a solo project to a community-maintained resource in multiple languages and with broader width and depth of content than it currently has today.

If you want to help, found a typo or something else entirely, feel free to check out the source code on GitHub or send me an message on Mastodon (

Where to go from here?

Feel free to explore the different options in the menu to the left - there is a lot of great articles in there.

For example, we've written a bit about things to consider when choosing a Mastodon server, how to change Mastodon server, a Twitter to Mastodon guide and a great guide on getting started on Mastodon

If you have ideas for guides, questions needing answering or anything else, please let us know on GitHub